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RH Benefits Insurance Services, Inc. works as an agency of PGIA (Presley General Insurance Agency) an agency of Applied General Agency to provide you access to most major Medicare plans in the area.

Our services are at NO COST to you.

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Are You New to Medicare?

The first thing you need is a Medicare card - Part A and B. 

The following link will take you directly to the Social Security website so you can request your new Medicare card.

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We would love to help you get answers to your important Medicare questions. 

  • Where can I go for services? 
  • What can I expect to pay? 
  • Will my medications be covered? 
  • What happens when I get my Medicare card?  
  • Do I need to enroll every year?
  • Can I qualify for Extra Help?
  • What about my Employer Plan?
  • Are Pre-existing conditions a problem? 

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